Popular ideas for projects


• apps
• Websites
• Sketches

• Short films
• physical prototypes
• 3D Computer models
• anything else you can thnk of!



No idea is off limits!

You can work on any project or idea that you're passionate about.  Absolutely anything.  Plus we have multiple ways that make it easy to connect with other students who have the skills to help you complete your idea: sticky notes, 15 partner student organizations, workshops, plus really cool community members who are experts within their fields.


A little history

Built with:_____ was launched in April of 2014.  There were ~75 students and community members who gathered in NuSpark to create, network, and build for six hours (some stayed as late as 2am).  
Built with:_____ 2 attracted over 110 students representing 39 different majors.  It also added 5 workshops throughout the night, hosted by the partner student orgs.  
Built with:_____ 3 almost grew the event by 100%.  It brought together over 200 students and community members from 48 different majors.  It featured 9 different workshops throughout the night, which were put on by 10 different student orgs.
Built with:_____ 4 is expected to bring together 100-150 students.  It is being organized with the specific focus to make it easier than ever to meet others and start building out ideas.