"To bring together students WITH COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Skills and majors to meet, collaborate, and start building absolutely anything!"


Popular ideas for projects


• apps
• Websites
• Sketches

• Short films
• physical prototypes
• 3D Computer models
• anything else you can thnk of!



No idea is off limits!

You can work on any project or idea that you're passionate about.  Absolutely anything.  Plus we have multiple ways that make it easy to connect with other students who have the skills to help you complete your idea: sticky notes, partner student organizations, workshops, plus really cool community members who are experts within their fields.


A little history

Built with:_____ was launched in April of 2015.  There were ~75 students and community members who gathered in NuSpark to create, network, and build for six hours (some stayed as late as 2am).  
Built with:_____ 2 attracted over 110 students representing 39 different majors.  It also added 5 workshops throughout the night, hosted by the partner student organizations.  
Built with:_____ 3 almost grew the event by 100%.  It brought together over 200 students and community members from 48 different majors.  It featured 9 different workshops throughout the night, which were put on by 10 different student orgs.
Built with:_____ 4 about 150 students from 45 different majors. We scaled back the number of workshops and increased the presence of mentors during the event. Our student outreach went beyond just VT students and welcomed Radford University as well.  

Built with:_____ 5 is ready to take the fun to the New Classroom Building. Looks like the University caught wind of Built With:_____'s success and received our request to build a new and improved space designed specifically for the event. Let's go!



The Sticky Notes

The Sticky Notes

When you first show up, you'll write "skills" that you have on sticky notes with your name on the FRONT.  

There will be people there to help you if you think you don't have anything to offer (everyone does).  The sticky notes will be placed on a big wall.  At any point during the night, if you find yourself needing help with something, this is where the sticky notes come in.  You can walk up to a wall, find the skill that you need help with and then we'll call out the name on the back and introduce you two.


The Clubs

The Clubs

Entrepreneur club welcomes these creative student organizations to join in the fun and help make this event a success.  Everyone is welcome, No matter what your Major is, what clubs you're a part of, or what your favorite color is.


Other participating clubs with logos not featured:

Filmmakers at VT


crash courses

crash courses

crash courses can teach you cool new skills to take your ideas further!

"Workshops" are now "crash courses" giving you time to learn a skill, ask questions and get back to working on those great ideas! 



Industrial Design
Learn about the design process and design thinking with Virginia Tech Industrial Design and IDSA. Sketch different ideas on how a potato peeler could be more effective for people with arthritis and model with play-doh. This method is applicable in all problem solving situations.
Adobe After Effects
Learn how to communicate your ideas through the use of videography. Create and edit a video using Adobe After Effects! Free trials will be available for people to learn the program. Bring your laptops! 
The Art of a Pitch
Learn how to capture your audience's interest and convince them of your idea's worth in a concise and effective way. You can use this skill to better communicate in presentations, networking events, interviews, or even just answering a stranger who asks, "So tell me about yourself".

8:15 - 9:00

Industrial Design skills for Design Thinking


9:15 - 10:00

Making movies with Adobe After Effects


10:15 - 11:00

The Art of a Pitch


11:15 - 11:30

Recap & Share. Where to go from here?


The Details

The Details


Friday April 7th
6:30pm - 11:30pm


6:30 - 11:30

meet. ideate. build. learn. create.


kick off


table talk challenge


food | networking

8:00, 9:00 & 10:00

Brief "Open Mic" Pitch Opportunities

8:15 - 11:00

crash courses

11:15 - 11:30

Wrap up & Share


New Classroom Building 2nd floor
1455 Perry Street



Great food catered by the Hethwood Market.

Your choice of BBQ pork or veggie lasagna.

Sides: red skin potatoes, green beans, snacks and dessert. Oh and lots of Redbull. 


If you have any questions about the event send them to

Want to Get Involved?

Interested in learning how to get involved with Built With:_____? Become a Volunteer! Keep your eye out on the facebook page for details.